When A Mixologist Goes On The Wagon

Copyright 2013 Lisarae Photo Design

Copyright 2013 Lisarae Photo Design

I love to cook and I like my cocktails. This, along with the fact, that as a writer I have a fairly sedentary life, adds up to the assortment of “fat pants” in my closet. I exercise on a regular basis, to be sure, but no being blessed with skinny genes, I’ve always had to watch my diet. For the most part, I eat a very healthy diet and limit my alcohol consumption. Even so, every six months I like to take a step back and cleanse the system for a week. This week, I’m focusing on eating every two hours and only consuming those items which come in their original packaging. In other words, no processed foods.  Fruits, veggies, nuts, lean meats. All of this is so yummy and when you eat the good stuff, also filling.


I miss my gin, though. And whiskey.  And wine.  Beer, too.

Double sigh.

Because “mocktails” are often loaded with sugary juices, I keep it simple.  This week, I’m enjoying my wide variety of bitters as well as my home-made shrubs, all of which brighten up club soda and make me feel like I’m imbibing with the rest of the crowd. If you want to take your wagon-riding experience up a notch, you’ll love the first chapter in my upcoming book, 12 Happy Hours, which should be arriving from the bindery any day now!  Just think, non-alcoholic Sangria can be at your next happy hour.


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