What’s Love Got To Do With Cocktails?

After the whirlwind excitement of “50 Shades of Margarita,” including my night of margarita-cramming, I’ve been flying a little under the radar screen, but that doesn’t mean that Thirsty Jane has been loafing around. You see, I moonlight from my day-job as a cocktail writer as an erotic romance writer. And you wondered where I came up with my Margarita theme???!!!! Over the last few weeks, my romance writer hat has been securely fastened to my head as I worked through multiple rounds of edits on my upcoming novel, Objection Overruled, scheduled for release July 30th from Loose Id Press.

When I tell people I write fiction (romance) and non-fiction (cocktails), they often frown and ask, “What do those things have to do with each other?!” At first glance, not much, although revising a manuscript for the umpteenth time can drive one to drink! Honestly, though, cocktails are romantic and romance books are intoxicating.

Both romance and cocktails follow a general pattern. We all know the boy meets girl story and that it typically unfolds in similar ways in a romance book. The same goes for cocktails.  One type of booze comprises the base of the drink, while a few other modifying ingredients jazz it up. But, no two romances are the same, and neither are any two cocktails.  The magic an author weaves into her story with unique characters and situations transforms an age-old story into something special. Similarly, changing the base alcohol, but keeping all the other ingredients the same creates a wildly different drink. For example, if you change gin to cognac, but keep the orange liqueur and lemon juice, you go from a summery White Lady to an autumnal Side Car. The bottom line is that with both romance and cocktailing, something exists for everyone.  

Finally, the reason I love romance, and why it dominates the fiction market, is that a happy ending brings joy to our lives. The power of love shines through every romance I read and gives me hope and relief in a world that can sometimes be too harsh. While I do not advocate cocktailing to escape reality, enjoying a perfectly mixed drink joyfully stimulates the senses the same way that a well-written scene takes us to another place.

So, when you are ready for a little rest and relaxation, pick a simple cocktail to craft, sit back in your favorite chair, and open up your most dog-eared beloved book. Where does it take you? Are you bold in both your booze and books? Or would you rather spice it up on paper, but stay sweet on the palate? Have you read a particularly vivid scene featuring cocktails or other alcoholic beverages? Does having a certain drink transport you to place or bring a special hero to mind? 

To find out more about my upcoming book, Objection Overruled, check out the blog of author Leslie Lynch tomorrow June 6th. Both Leslie and I have been honored as finalists in the Romance Writers of America’s® 2013 Golden Heart®.  Good luck to Leslie in her writing career!

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