The Rum Punch Diaries: Day 6

No quest would be complete without a postscript. After checking into the airport to head home, we waltzed back outside to the little Isla Nena Café situated just outside the airport between the ramp up to the entrance and the parking lot. Ricky was tending bar.  We had to pleasure of meeting her on the way over to the island, which by then felt like years ago, even though only 6 days had past.  So many beaches, so many rum punches.  It wouldn’t be complete without “just one more.”

The quest had morphed from finding a perfect rum punch to simply finding more friends. It didn’t matter what Ricky poured, but I did see the usual light and dark rums and juice make it into my cup.  What mattered more was exchanging stories of the island and meeting the other couple having a drink at the bar.

Thisty Jane isn’t a schmaltzy girl, but leaving Vieques made me think about how my quest was more than a way to legitimize excessive boozing.  All of those rum punches were pretty much the same, but all totally different. And, enjoying a rum punch wasn’t so much about finding that one perfect recipe with exact proportions specified, but rather about experimenting, trying something new, making a new relationships.

Had cocktailing just taken on a much bigger meaning? Or, maybe I’d just a few too many rum punches and gotten too sweet for my own good?

Whatever….! I raise my glass to Puerto Rico and it’s great rums, beautiful beaches, and welcoming people. Cheers!

p.s. Have you been on a drink quest?  Or do you have another suggestion for a Thirsty Jane quest? Please share.

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