The Original Endless Summer with a Killer Bee Attack

I love summer. But, there comes a point when temps in the 80’s and 90’s get old even for a tropical weather loving fool like myself. With what appears to be two more days of summer, I look forward to my Final Friday Happy Hour with one of the best summer beach drinks I’ve ever had — an attempt at the Killer Bee which is the famous trademark rum punch at Sunshine’s Bar in Nevis. A few years ago, my guy and I joined some friends for a vacation in Nevis. As the other Jane of the trip (nicknamed “Bad Jane” for the week) said, the Killer Bee made her like rum.

The problem is that Sunshine and his bartenders guard the secret recipe with their lives. A friend recently sent me a link to Rum Shop Ryan’s Caribbean Escape Blog in which a recipe for something as close as possible to the Killer Bee appeared. I was ecstatic and have been contemplating when making this for Happy Hour would be best. I conveyed my excited to a fellow cocktail guru, who scoffed, “Nothing is secret.” You can imagine my deflation.

He promptly directed me to David Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks where after the recipe for the Bee’s Knees is a note that you get a Honey Bee by using Jamaican rum. Hmmm….Not exactly a recipe for the Killer Bee, but I got the point. Cocktails are created often by taking a recipe and then changing an ingredient here and there or adjusting a ratio. So, a Bee’s Knees is gin, lemon juice and honey, and a Honey Bee is rum, lemon juice and honey, and a Killer Bee is rum, orange and passion fruit juices, and honey, with a smidge of pepper and nutmeg and a splash of club soda.

Cheers to the end of summer! Any day now.  Really.

And, next time you say you can’t create a drink, just find a recipe you like and do a little tweaking.  You might be surprised to find how original you can be!


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