The Daily Drink: The Americano

I know a lot of people who love cocktails, but think making one takes too much time.  Instead, they opt for a beer or a bottle of wine.  Thirsty Jane loves beer and wine, but sometimes, a quick cocktail hits the spot.  Plus, maybe the rest of the world can exercise restraint when it comes to a bottle of red wine, but once that baby is open, do NOT come between Thirsty Jane and her vino.  So, instead of guzzling down a bottle of red wine with my honey last night, we had one simple quick cocktail: the Americano.  Because dinner was chicken parmesan, polenta and ceasar salad, I opted for something with a lot of flavor and an Italian vibe.  Curious that the drink is the Americano, isn’t it? The cocktail was invented in Italy in the mid 1800’s and uses the Italian liqueur Campari as well as Italian sweet vermouth.  Some say the drink was named after the Americans who slurped the stuff down.  Who can blame them!  After all, the first drink James Bond ever ordered was an Americano.  So, when you are looking for something easy with an Italian vibe, reach for the Campari and mix up this simple cocktail recipe:  in a highball glass filled with ice, add 1 ounce Campari, 1 ounce sweet vermouth, and top with club soda.  Salute!

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