The Birth of 3 Ingredient Cocktails

Unlike many others, I’ve had the opportunity to see how a book is born.  For many writers, you turn over your words to an editor and then you might have to deal with disappointing covers and substandard photos and layouts which don’t capture what you intended, but which the art department really likes.  The designer of 3 Ingredient Cocktails involved me at every step of the process, exchanging a million files and haggling over which photo looked best and where.  Then, all of that stuff goes to a printer where there is some serious magic going on.  They take the pages and put them into a format where (at least in my case) 16 pages of the book are laid out on one page.  Plates are made and the press shoots off thousands of copies.

One set of a 16-page signature coming off the 4-color press at Kingston Printing

The even more incredibly magic occurs when the folding machine folds up the page so that each pane reads like a book.  All of those folded “signatures” go to the bindery. The magic continues as all of the parts of the book at put together, then glue added to the spine, then a cover.

Folded 16-page signatures waiting to be collated and bound at Post-Press Bindery.











Finally, the book slides down a conveyor belt and is ready to be boxed.  Literally, warm off the bindery.

Books coming down conveyor












Thanks to Kingston Printing and Post-Press Bindery for their outstanding work on this project!

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