Tequila Teaser: Easy Tequila Infusions

I’m ready for May and my “50 Shades of Margarita” blog-a-thon. To get thoroughly psyched, I started some tequila infusions. Watermelon should be ready after week one and we will have a recipe made by my friend especially for me! After week 2, we’re busting out the pineapple infusion and sipping neat as well as making a Tropical-Rita. After week 3, all the stops get pulled out when we sample this 1930’s vintage recipe called “Tequila por Mi Amante” (Tequila for my beloved) which Charles Baker, Jr. described in his The Gentleman’s Companion: Being an Exotic Drinking Book, or Around the World with Jigger, Beaker and Flask.

There aren’t really recipes for infusions.  Just cut up your fruit, put it into a jar, and pour enough tequila in to cover the fruit.  Close tightly and practice patience.  To the pineapple, I also added a vanilla bean cut lengthwise.

Tune in tomorrow as we begin our journey with Margarita — not just a pretty woman’s name!