Rosemary Ginger Vodka (I Hope)

Several years ago, on a trip to Poland, I fell victim to exquisitely flavored vodkas’ seduction.  I’m not talking “donut” or “bacon” flavored vodka.  The Poles have flavored vodka for hundred of years.  The recipes use many botanicals. The best of the best was the rosemary ginger concoction known as Zozworowvka.  Say that fast 3 times!  The most memorable shot of this stuff came after a long bike ride culminating at the highest point in Poland where snow flakes danced around us as we tucked into Ukrainian borscht, black bread, and warming shots of vodka.

I got a bottle of this dreamy stuff and brought it back to the U.S. Now, it’s gone having warmed the hearts of many of my guests when we reach that late point in the night where Thirsty Jane breaks out the shot glasses and the myriad bottles of Polish vodka.  To make matter worse, I threw the bottle out in a frenzy of decluttering.  What was I thinking?

Now, I can’t find the stuff.  Anywhere! When I search the internet for this, only Zubrowka comes up.  Zubrowka is another fine Polish flavored vodka (with Bison grass), but it’s not what I want! Last week, I came across Alchemia’a ginger infused Polish vodka on the clearance rack at the neighborhood liquor store. Hmmmmm……

Today, the fresh rosemary from my garden went in. I’ll keep you posted on what the result is. Herbal flavored vodkas are fanstastic chilled and taken neat, but the options for cocktails are swirling dizzily in my head.



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