Margarita Recipe #6: Beergaritas

Sometimes, something is wrong that it is right. That’s how it is with Beergaritas. Yesterday’s recipe for frozen margaritas also featured beer, but the Beergarita truly puts the trailer trash in your neighborhood margarita.  Now, I’m not complaining. I’ve enjoyed my share of Beergaritas from the neighbors. Plus, I’ve had two separate people share this EXACT same recipe with me, and they live half-way across the country away and do not know each other. Then, I had another person ask me if I knew the recipe for this concoction. Why, YES I DO! The thing about Beergaritas is they are so easy and so good. You’re not going to win any bartending prizes with these babies and you wouldn’t dare to even suggest anything authentic about them. But, you will be the star of your neighbors trolling the streets on a hot summer evening looking for some refreshment. You are only allowed to mock this if you have never ever eaten and enjoyed some form of cellophane packaged snack cake.  You know you have, too….. (I’m a coconut raspberry Zinger fan, myself).


Combine in a pitcher with ice:

1 12 oz. can limeade concentrate

1 can of sprite

1 can of beer

1 empty limeade can filled up with tequila

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