Margarita Recipe #5: Snowgaritas a/k/a Frozen Margaritas

In honor of our recent May snow event, today’s recipe is my all-time favorite frozen margarita recipe. This was the very first margarita I ever had, I think. Way back in law school (yes, Thirsty Jane was formerly known as a lawyer), I experienced a summer internship from hell.  I’ll spare you the details — there is nothing sexy at all about slave labor in a suit and pantyhose in 90 degree heat. Anyway, the guy in the cubie next to me and I shared a fondness that summer for copious amounts of morning coffee and afternoon “dust tea” (instant iced tea). On weekends, he often invited the rest of the law clerks to his house and spoiled us with his famous Killer Margs or sangria.  Here’s to you, Andy, for introducing me to this great party beverage.

Andy’s Killer Marg (from the very stained 1/2 page ripped yellow legal pad)

Blend the following in a blender with ice:

6 oz. lemonade concentrate

6 oz. limeade concentrate

3 oz. triple sec

12 oz. tequila

6-12 oz. beer

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