Let the Madness Begin

Seven years ago, my church social club asked me to host the gathering for March. Instead of sitting in a bar watching that annual basketball event (which shall go unnamed lest anyone violate any trademark rules), I invited everyone to my home bar and we did some bracketology magic of our own. The first Martini Madness event was born. The event has grown and contracted and grown over the years. This year, we’re looking at 16-20 entries for the amateur mixologist smackdown. What better way to host a party!  All I do is send out the invite, make the bracket, and provide the space and mixing tools.  The guests do all the work and supply all the booze and food! This year’s theme is based on TV shows, so entries must fit within the categories of girlie drinks, tropical libations, prohibition-era concoctions, and cool cat classics. IMG_0610I suppose I should go clean the house. Or maybe make a martini to get in the mood.  Cheers and may the best drink win.  I’ll be tweeting winning recipes at #martinimadness tonight.


  1. TDTF in Leawood

    Let the Madness begin!!!

    • Jane

      What does a hostess drink when consolidating Barbies so no one breaks a leg getting to the bathroom? Gin gimlet with Leopold’s navy strength. Because I like the navy.

  2. Alaina

    Tell us about the winning drink!!!!

    • Jane

      The competition ended with with three finalists. The “Hotsie” (a habenero margarita thrown together last minute under pressure from Thirsty Jane) in the Sex in the City bracket; the 911’s Sidecar (in the Boardwalk Empire group from the overall winner from 2 years ago); and Lola’s Libation (a Pimm’s Cup drink from first-timers and in the Hawaii 5-O). The votes were tied between the Sidecar and Lola’s Libation. The Sidecar recipe was from my book!!! and Lola’s Libation is a wonderful summer drink of Pimm’s with gingerale, garnished with lemon and cucumber. Cheers to all the entrants and the easiest party ever. The only downer was the UVA lost to Michigan State. Thirsty was on suicide watch for a while, but a martini saw me through.