Daily Drink From the Road

When you’re on the road, how do you top a lunch of truck stop “Hi-Rev” coffee and some Hostess Donettes? That would be a Cheese Runza (regional Midwestern fast food of a hamburger/cabbage/cheese mixture baked in a mini loaf of bread — yummy!) with onion rings! But, what do you serve with that? Beer, obviously. I would usually pair a PBR or a Schlitz with my rings ‘n’ Runza. But, tonight, I was in the mood to take it up a notch, so I opted for the cache of Kirkland Signature Malbec stashed in my dufle bag for emergencies. Not every meal is gourmet. Not every drink is a masterpiece of mixology. Sometimes, you just gotta get to the next day, so enjoy what you love and never ever fret over it! Cheers!


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