Why so thirsty, Jane?

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One day, I asked my man to make me a cocktail. His eyes got round and beads of sweat pearled on his forehead. Here was one of the most competent human beings I’ve ever known stressed out at the thought of making a drink! I assured him he’d be able to find something simple in one of the several dozen recipe books on the shelf by the bar. Thirty minutes later he came up from the bar empty handed and frustrated.

The gist of his explanation: It was too hard. There were too many recipes to choose from. Too many esoteric ingredients. And he wasn’t sure he could substitute a gin for the one specified in the recipe without ruining the drink. Perhaps the new mixology has become so complex in a quest for authenticity and innovation that, for the average Thirsty Jane or Joe making a drink is intimidating and confusing, and requires hundreds of dollars in obscure liquors.

Not being an enabling sort of gal, I was determined for find an appropriate “how to” book for my guy.  Surely there would be something out there. Maybe something crazy easy with three ingredients, like one of those cookbooks on the shelf we use for quickie dinners? I searched the Internet in vain for a truly simple drink book. I found hundreds of three-ingredient books for dinner, but nothing like that for a drink. Apparently it is easier to make dinner than a freaking cocktail! That, my thirsty friends, is simply un-American.

To remedy the dearth of basic cocktailing knowledge, I started compiling simple and tasty recipes —all with three ingredients or less—for friends and family. They clamored for more and began mixing on their own to great success. Finally, my honey convinced me that others would benefit from my perspective that everyone can make a good drink without stressing out or bleeding their bank accounts. 3 Ingredient Cocktails was born.

Let’s be clear. I’m not a professional bartender. I’m not affiliated with the spirits industry in any way (other than being a consistent revenue source for them). I am merely Thirsty Jane, an average chick in search of a great quick drink. 3 Ingredient Cocktails is not written for the professionals or even the über-serious jigger jockeys out there. There are hundreds of amazing books with thousands of recipes and thousands of pages of detailed information to satisfy those individuals’ quest for knowledge. This book is for the average person who is new to cocktails and would like to learn to mix at home or be more knowledgeable when ordering at a bar. Furthermore, if you already enjoy cocktails but have been too intimidated to try them at home, experimenting with these recipes will give you the skills needed to mix with confidence.

The recipes in 3 Ingredient Cocktails are mostly classic cocktails with a few after-dinner drinks and some more modern takes on vintage favorites. Not every recipe in this book will please every person, of course. Although I must admit, I love them all! A cocktail is too important to be taken seriously. So have fun mixing, shaking and stirring. This revolution in cocktails is not reserved for master mixologists or liquor industry experts. It is your cocktail hour. So get your jigger ready, your ice cubes prepared, and your liquor primed. No one should leave your bar thirsty!