12 Happy Hours Coming Soon!

I’m not a procrastinator. I swear! But lately, I do feel a bit like a firefighter. Those projects which require my immediate attention get it while others move to the back burner. After publishing 3 Ingredient Cocktail, I assured my production team, family and myself that the next one would be different. Better planned and paced. Life intervened. I dealt with the prolonged illness and eventual death of my beloved Dad, who prevailed as my hero for my entire life. With Dad’s passing, my sister and I took our mom under our wings, as she did for us when we were kids. Cleaning and selling our childhood home and moving mom in record time that only my sister and I could accomplish, with the help of some wine and a bottle of cognac, came next. 12 Happy Hours remained an idea with some scribbled notes in a manila folder on my desk.

Then, amidst the chaos and deep sadness, the good news began rolling in. My erotic romance novel, Objection Overruled, was selected as a finalist in the Romance Writers IMG_0678of America®’s 2013 Golden Heart® award. Essentially, this is THE biggest and most prestigious contest for a romance writer. Next, I received an offer from publisher Loose Id for Objection Overruled. The editing process began. Guess where 12 Happy Hours sat? Yep, on my desk in the manila folder.

The biggest honor of my career came in July when at the Romance Writers of America®’s National convention in Atlanta, Georgia, my book WON first place for a contemporary single title romance! I even got to give an acceptance speech where my image was projected onto a jumbo-tron. So glad my sister helped me with my hair and makeup. I spent the next week giddy from the win and talking with agents and publishers about a new romance project in the works.

By this point, we’re at the end of July and I have a photographer, food stylist, editor, and book designer asking me whether I had copy ready for 12 Happy Hours. I got to work. They jumped on the bandwagon with me and in less than 2 months we took 12 Happy Hours from a rag tag folder of notes IMG_2237to a product ready for printing.  What a whirl wind!  In the mean time, I’ve taken a hiatus from blogging, but never fear, I’ll be getting back to regular posts next week.  Look for regular reviews of spirits and other bar-related items as well as weekly recipes, all of them focusing on simplicity and affordability.

We’ve got a few weeks to print and bind the book and move it into the sales distribution system, but look soon for 12 Happy Hours!




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